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Thanks! Your "game" fixed my OLED screen! 🤪


i deffinitely didnt get nausia while playing

My vision is blurry from playing this lol. I liked it a lot

Problem; Most of the levels can be beaten by holding up&left then walking right. Otherwise really cool.

A nightmarish visual and audio experience a true warp to the senses.


its so trippy meennnnn

Nao vi nd de diferente, talvez nao funcione com todo mundo,

Interesting. Glad I didn't go on for hours. Lmao.


what drug do you use for making this?

Y E S 


What a terribly cursed experience. Thank you for sharing. 


I... I fell down so many flights of stairs.... all because I tripped, hard.

lsd substitute ^^

my eyes have fallen

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Cool game

This is too neat!!! I repeatedly just go "OOOH COOL" at the crazy color distortion effects.


New floor level to the backrooms.


Seeking a way out through a nightmare in an attempt to wake up, when the nightmare becomes more and more surreal and impossible. This is my interpretation.

Another interpretation could be that of a soul who escaped from her body in search of anything rather than the null.

Much suspense and terror! Good!

enjoyable experience but my eyes lol


honestly so good!! i loved the creepy music and atmosphere. gives me backrooms vibes if the backrooms were on acid lol.

Pretty unique idea for a game also quite weird. the game is pretty okay and has a nice horror feel, but be repaired to get your eyes destroyed

Made some gameplay


this game hurts my freaking eyes 

just one word : why?


i am just waiting for the jumpscare that does not exsist..


Love this quote lol

"My epileptic friend liked it so much that he started break dancing. on the floor."
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can you put any goal, the room is actually stunning, but based on  that i would like you to put a goal, just try to put a horrifying creature in it. i guess it'll be better..., put in a fps, it would be better. A menu would be nice....




Could you perhaps offer the game for USD $ as well as pounds?

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Hi, I had not thought of that. I have enabled it now and see how it works out. It seems like the logical choice. Thanks for the message and the idea, I have not been using ITCH.IO for long. still learning all the facets.

cheers :)

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THANKS! What's new in this version? (Oh, can you enable VISA payment?)

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Ill look in to it :)


that made me feel colorblind


bruh it kept getting foggy and more foggy and it made me dizzy    :P


Does this ever end? Also this made me set my PC on fire.


my epileptic friend liked it so much that he started break dancing. on the floor.

also i played this game with the words your insecure on repeat


imagine this game with VR

please no. gosh id be throwing up lol

yeeee hahahhaha


I played your game in my video - 8:13 - 


crivens! Thanks for playing, Ill see you again soon. TRUST ME.


W A L K  I N G  B E  L I K E : 


d     r     u     g     s     -     1     0     /     1     0

can i just say imagine playing this on drugs

t    h    i    r    d

e    y    e

s    i    g    h    t

Deleted 215 days ago

Thanks for playing :) I appreciate the chance to watch your video. Stay tuned.. I have more in the works.

Show post...


If you want to brainwash someone

Thanks for playing :)


every room looks so different even though they are the same and you just messed up with the post processing effect, but it looks so stunning, you can use it for a game though.... this looks really good.....


Thanks for playing, I will continue work on this (its a fun project) but currently contemplating what to add. i want to keep it quite abstract. Im thinking something that looks like hallucinations of grotesque figures. Maybe a story.. But im not sure.   Any updates from now will be quite substantial. Stay tuned :)

And cheers for taking the time to comment.

Hell is a neverending sequence of increasingly distored liminal spaces. Very evocative, bravo.

Thanks for playing and the comment, Glad you got something from it.

You have brave eyes ;)

Hell.Indeed. ;)

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