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Ambient Void

Home Computer Edition

 Enables the user to play deep and detailed tones as a musical instrument. Click & drag vertically to control pitch while the same motions horizontally control the Left/Right stereo position (or instrument spread). You can spawn a new instrument or enable a gradual evolution over time to create an instrument that subtly morphs through endless tone possibilities as you play. On screen sliders add control of the audio post processing effects.

TIP: For best quality audio, reduce volume slider if maxing out all the effect levels. 
TIP: "Align Pitch" means that the next instrument spawned will have its pitch control set in one direction, If this is not set elements of the instrument may react differently to each other in regard to pitch, creating more complex tones. 

Output can be recorded using free software such as Audacity.

Currently featuring 1150 sampled patches & SFX from classic Synthesizers. 

Audio Example #1

Audio Example #2

Audio Example # 3

You can contact me @: BADREMIX100@GMAIL.COM

or here.

NOTE: Alongside the software you will find a copy of Ambient Nebula in the downloads, It is a fork of this project that I am currently working on.

More info here..


Buy Now£2.99 GBP or more

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Ambient Nebula v2.7 PC.zip

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