A downloadable unicycle simulator for Windows

The Unicyclist - Episode 1 (The Proficiency Test)

10-15 minute unicycling proficiency test.

I have decided this Unicycle lark will be best served up in small episodes,

So with that said, Let us begin...

...with a formal test of your unicycling prowess.

I may expand this test in time or alternatively start another episode.

So stay tuned for more..

Requires XBOX Controller.


Unicyclist 720p.zip 218 MB
Unicyclist 1080p.zip 218 MB
Unicyclist 900p.zip 218 MB

Development log


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I played your game. Its good for a demo. Weird ending though. Also there is nothing here that screams that I need to be 18+ or older so I don't know why you have that age restriction here.

Fantastic game! Had a blast it, even though I am not very good with games that require depth perception xD Keep up the amazing work and left a follow!!!!

Hello. Your game looks interesting, and I would like to review your game on my youtube channel. I'd like to get your permission first, though.

that would be great, go for it :)

post your video in the comments if possible.

I love the scene here and 100% support streamers and reviewers.

 with no expectation over how they choose to interact with games.

thanks for getting in touch. If anything else i post takes your interest and is paid you can email me for a key :)

Show post...

like the art

Thanks for playing,  Im enjoying checking your channel out. been subbed for a while. you get through an impressive amount of odd games. rock on my dude :)