A downloadable LOFI Beats Creator for Windows

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Generate endless LOFI beats with ease.

One click generates a new beat, from a vast range of possibilities.

Simple user controls allow intuitive manipulation of that unique beat.

Rinse & Repeat forever...

Uses instrument samples (not pre-made loops) and a unique generative formula to deliver a different beat every time.

Anything made with this software is free from copyright and safe to use on Youtube, Twitch etc.

☟ Audio Examples Here ☟

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tagsbeats, chill, Ghosts, lofi, lofi-beats, lofi-beats-to-study-to, lofi-music, Music, Sound effects
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast


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Hey, this is is very interesting concept and solution, really like it.
Just a few question (or a suggestion) as a beginner user and not being a musican... :)
 1. Is there any simple documentation for some specific buttons (some of them obvious, some of them not)
2. Any pause, restart option?
3. Any possibility to save the actual settings and the loop as a "project file"?
4. Export function would be fantastic, as it was mentioned in some of the other comments, but being able to record it with external SW the above solution would be also fine.
But again, it is a really good stuff, thanks for that and good luck for further improvements!


Hi, thanks for trying it out :)

1. i havent really made any documentation yet but will write up a guide this week, Its designed to be quite fail safe for experimentation so dont be afraid to just go for it :)

I respect users deserve a guide and will finally get round to it.

2 there is no pause control, ill try to add one. its a good idea.

3. not yet, its possible but will take a bit of doing. if i can make it happen i will. if im truthful im intimidated by designing the ui for it. so it shows saves correctly and how exactly to implement it.

4. This is something id love to add. and will look into it.

recently time has been my main enemy but i intend to get back to this soon,

Hope you enjoy using the software :)

Thanks for your reply. This tool is good enough as it is, but of course any upgrade would be appreciated! ;


Hi :)

i have added a guide.

Ill work on it over time but it contains an overveiw of everything.

Apologies for the wait, Hope you have had some fun with the software.

Appreciate, thanks for that :)

🎵 More Beats🎵

I've been playing with both LOFI and the bundle for a few days now. They are very interesting but would like to save audio as WAV files. Have you looked at this thread on saving audio? Exporting the 'audio listener' to an external audio file

Thanks for trying out the software 

I will have a look at that github project, thanks for the link. Hopefully it provides a good way to record to wav (have seen quite a lot of people struggling with this in forums)

I am planning on adding a recording feature, It is a good suggestion.

I will look into a method to create neat & titled WAVs, I have not tried recording audio so it will be a learning experience for me. 

Im hoping Version 7 will have perfectly working version of these features.

Its just a matter of finding the time and I will get it done ;)

I appreciate the feedback, any more ideas let me know, Im more than willing to incorporate users ideas into updates. 

nice ot hear from you :) 

An automatic variable orchestra in a simple way with a few controls! Very beautiful. Remember the boot-loader of the C64 game named HawkEye by Talamus. Compliments!

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🎵🎵 Some new beats🎵🎵


This little music generator is really cool, I think I'll use this in some of my youtube videos if that's alright. 

I got some really cools sounds when I messed with the sliders a bit. Great job!

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thanks for taking a chance with it and trying it out :) 

I support anything you choose to do with your beats.

Everything you make with this is 100% free for your own use, there is no copyright attached to anything that comes out of it (unless you decide to do that for yourself). Please use any beats free from worry and with my blessing for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.

All of the music is generated from single instrument and drum hits/notes using an algorithm. there are no pre existing patterns.  i.e. nothing that could be interpreted as copyright infringing.

It is safe for use with YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, Bandcamp etc. 

Personally im 100% supportive of anything users choose to do with the generated beats.

Hope you continue to have fun with it, there is more to come so check back occasionally for updates if possible.




Better than most of the producers I've worked with, will give my songs a real competitive edge, signed post malone

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Some Examples:

Very interesting software! An export option would be awesome but other than that, the beats generated truly feel unique and often sound great! Good job there! 


Thanks for trying it out, Im honoured that you enjoy it.

I have been intending to add a recording or export function, Its definately a good call. I will endevour to make that happen very soon.

I want to keep the program simple but im really interested to keep developing it, so keep an eye out for updates & thanks for the suggestion. 

If anything else comes to mind, let me know and ill try to add it.



Awesome! Thanks to you for the quick update and , again, super promising software. Nice to see you already plan on adding some additional features, I'm sure they'll also be super fun to use. I'll follow the development with great interest! Wishing you a fantastic day and great success! :)

- Vervexx